1927 Gibson F2

$ 3,700.00

One of the best sounding and balanced toned vintage Gibson mandolins to come through our shop! This mandolin has all of the great qualities of the vintage oval hole Gibsons without going too far in one direction. It has wonderful bass, but is not tubby. It has great clarity, but not overly bright and stringy sounding. Just beautiful warm, clear, and seasoned vintage tone in all registers. It just received a professional setup (truss rod works flawlessly) and plays great up and down the fretboard with a nice low action and no buzzing. Every note rings out. Wonderful sustain! The mandolin is all original except for having a replacement handle on it's original case. There are two very tight, and hardly noticeable back cracks that have been glued and the mandolin has had a professional headstock scroll repair, also barely noticeable. The arching in the top is perfect and there are no separations or shrinkage. No repairs needed of any kind. This great mandolin is ready for the next 100 years of beautiful music making.
1927 Gibson F2 (1)
1927 Gibson F2 (2)
1927 Gibson F2 (3)
1927 Gibson F2 (4)
1927 Gibson F2 (5)
1927 Gibson F2 (6)
1927 Gibson F2 (7)