1999 Rigel G-95

$ 2,200.00

1999 Rigel G-95 made in Jeffersonville, Vermont. This mandolin was custom ordered directly from Rigel and all of the original order details and documents are included (original price paid was $3550). There aren't too many G-95s out in the world and this is the first black one that we have ever seen! Wonderful rich and silky tone that Rigel mandolins are famous for. Lots of volume! Pushing 20 years old there are a few minor dings/abrasions here and there and some light tarnishing of the metal components but the mandolin is in overall excellent condition. The setup is very comfortable with room to move the adjustable bridge up or down to your liking. The factory pickup performs flawlessly and the mandolin sounds incredible plugged in (another thing Rigel is known for). Comes with a super cool faux alligator hardshell case that's in great condition.
1999 Rigel G-95 (1)
1999 Rigel G-95 (2)
1999 Rigel G-95 (3)
1999 Rigel G-95 (4)
1999 Rigel G-95 (5)