FRETTED INSTRUMENTS:   Our fretted acoustic instrument repairs are done by Dave Trexler.  Dave is a skilled luthier specializing in evaluation, repair and restoration of acoustic guitars, mandolin-family instruments, and banjos.  Besides his extensive experience repairing fine instruments, Dave has studied and taught lutherie, built custom instruments, and worked for Collings Guitars and Mandolins.  Dave also writes articles on lutherie for owners and players of acoustic instruments.

Services provided by Dave include: 

  • instrument evaluation
  • setups
  • nuts and saddles
  • intonation
  • fretwork
  • structural repairs – including bridge work, headstock repair, crack repair and neck re-sets; pickup installation; and more

Prices vary depending on nature and extent of work, and condition of instrument.  Estimates will be given after Dave evaluates your instrument. Minimum turnaround time is three to four weeks.  Minimum charge for repairs is $50. Work is done off-site at Dave's shop.


FIDDLE/VIOLIN REPAIR:  Our bowed instrument repairs are done by Michelle Hedden, who has been repairing violins since 2010. Turnaround time is two to three weeks, and estimates will be given after Michelle evaluates your instrument.  Repairs are done off-site at her shop, but Michelle is typically at Fiddler's Green Thursday through Sunday if you would like to speak with her in person.


BOW REPAIR:  Katy Cox-McComb of Fiddlesticks Bow Shop does our bow repair.  Again, turnaround time is three to four weeks and prices are determined after Katy evaluates your bow.  Katy does repairs off-site at the Fiddlesticks Bow Shop