FRETTED INSTRUMENTS:   Acoustic guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and mandolin family instrument repairs are done by Ben Hodges. Banjo repairs are done by Jerry Hagins. Repairs are done off site with the turnaround time averaging 7 to 10 days unless otherwise noted.  String changes and strap button installations are done on site and average a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time. Services provided:

  • instrument evaluation
  • setup and maintenance 
  • nut and saddle work
  • intonation
  • fret work
  • pickup installation
  • some structrual work such as bridge repair/reglue, minor crack repairs, brace reglueing etc.

Prices will vary depending on the nature and extent of work, and the condition of the instrument.  Estimates can be given after the instrument has been evaluated (evaluations are always free). Turnaround time is 7 to 10 days on average.  You may drop off a repair anytime during business hours to leave for Ben or Jerry or feel free to call the shop if you would like to speak to them prior to bringing your instrument in. 


FIDDLE / VIOLIN SET UP:  Our fiddle and violin set ups are done on site by the owner, Clay Levit.  Clay's services include adjustments to pegs, nuts, fingerboards, bridges, soundposts, tailpieces, as well as cleaning, conditioning, and restringing.


BOW REPAIR / REHAIRS:  Katy Cox-McComb of Fiddlesticks Bow Shop does our bow repair.  Again, turnaround time is three to four weeks and prices are determined after Katy evaluates your bow.  Katy does repairs off-site at the Fiddlesticks Bow Shop