Mandolin Family Comparison

2000 Flatiron Festival F5

2004 Gibson F5G

2009 Collings MF

1949 Gibson LG2

2014 Gibson F9 w/upgrades

1918 Gibson F2

Passernig Mandola

1928 Martin Tenor Guitar

Ratliff R5

1935 Kalamazoo KG-31

1920's Bacon Bacophone

Kumu Ukuleles

Pono Octave Mandolin Comparison

Lorenzo DeLuca Violin

Karl Joseph Schneider Premier Artist

Paolo Lorenzo Violin

Pono Electric TE Delux Thinbody Ukulele

1929 Gibson L1 Blues Tribute

Bruce and Sons Octave Mandolin

The Here and Now with Celjun 12/11/16

Collings MF

Kentucky KM140

Folk Roots Dulcimer

Weber Yellowstone Distressed F5

1950 Martin Tenor Ukulele

Pava F5 Pro

1915 Gibson F2 Black Top (refurbished)

2007 Gibson F9

19th Century Paris Fiddle

Gibson F5G

Ellis F5 Deluxe

Clover Anglo C/G Concertina

Rochelle Anglo C/G Concertina

Passernig A Model

1915 Gibson F2

The Here and Now - Chris Buckley, Niamh Fahy, Joseph Carmichael

Gold Tone Microbass

Cricket Electric Fiddle